Pouch Laminating

We have Pouch Lamination in 5-7 mil thickness that is suitable for menus and other high-use purposes. These pouches come sized for a 1/4" sealed edge with rounded corners. Items laminated this way can be done while you wait.

Pouch Sizes:  Letter and Legal-sized

Price: $4.00/Letter-sized, $5.00/Legal-sized

Large Format Lamination

For larger projects, we have a large format machine that can capture up to 24" on your short edge, length is up to you.

Bulk Price: $1.50/linear foot of lamination uncut.

Trimmed Price:  $2.50/linear foot trimmed. Please specify 1/4" to 1/8" sealed edge, or trimmed flush to edge.

Set Up Fee: All large format jobs come with a set up fee.


Your artwork must be FLAT to go through the laminator without permanent creases!

Before you arrive, place your folded or wrinkled items between two sheets of paper on a hard flat surface. Use your clothes Iron on dry medium heat (no steam) to iron them flat. Then transport them to our shop rolled up so that they will go through the laminator without trouble.  We do not guarantee results once the paper starts to pull through the rollers. Bringing your work to us in good condition will help to attain good results.

Job Specifications

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