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Digital Brochures are ideal for small quantities & quicker turnaround,

but more expensive to create than Offset Printed brochures done with traditional liquid ink processes (see Brochures Offset). You can do as few as you like, and the pricing is flat per piece. Turnaround is often less than 7 business days if you provide files that need no pre-flight editing. We are able to perforate tear-off forms in the same direction as your folds at this time. Partial panel tear-offs must be done by Offset processes.

Custom sizes can be ordered by picking the next size larger than your final desired size. Please email your finished desired size separately to:

Prices DO NOT include printing to the edge (bleeds). For Bleeds, 8.5"w papers go to 11x17 sized sheets, and 11x17 sheets go to 12x18 sized sheets, and therefore prices. Just pick the larger size for a correct price.

Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding Brochure specifications. 

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